La Petite Colombe

There are no shortage of good restaurants in Cape Town. Two made it on the runners-up list of the World's 50 best restaurants (63rd and 73rd position to be exact) and not only are they the only ones from South Africa to do so, they are the only ones from the continent. One of the restaurants is La Colombe in Constantia which recently opened a sister restaurant, aptly named La Petite Colombe, in Franschheok. We celebrated a special someone's birthday with the Gourmand tasting menu and wine pairings from the neighbouring Cape vineyards.

Gourmand Menu


Poached oyster, pernod, grapefruit, verjuice, dill, apple, celery


Yellowfin tuna, aubergine, miso, kalamansi, avocado


'Cape Wagyu' beef, scallop, bone marrow, celeriac, wild garlic,
horseradish, gochujang


Ravioli of langoustine, curried hake veloute, cauliflower, coriander

"Meet the chefs"   

"Meet the chefs"


Palate cleanser   

Palate cleanser



Linefish, soubise, smoked mussel, squid, endive, chorizo, creamed leeks


Seared duck breast, turnip, Jerusalem artichoke, savoy cabbage, rhubarb and lavender


Foxenberg goat's cheese, goat's milk caramel, koign amain, guava, tarmarind


Valrhona Itakuja cremeux, pineapple, mango, macadamia, passionfruit, lemongrass


La Petite Colombe Treasures