While not quite off the beaten path, Turin is not exactly at the top of most travel lists either. Maybe that's why Turin felt like the most authentic city we visited in Italy this time around. Home to Fiat, Martini and Nutella, Turin is the capital of the Piedmont region. We mostly sat around caffès drinking bicerin (Turin's specialty drink of layered espresso, chocolate and cream) and walked through the numerous piazzas. Although we visited in the middle of a heat wave, the endless arcades around the city provided much needed shelter from the summer sun. 



Del Cambio
Caffè Al Bicerin
Caffè Fiorio
Porto di Savona
Stratta (caffè and good gianduiotto) 


Mole Antonelliana
Piazza San Carlo
Via Roma and Lagrange
Museo Egizio
Monte dei Cappuccini (for amazing views) 


Turin Palace Hotel